when to find me

You'll find me at the shop on Saturday mornings from 9:30 until 1:30. If you'd like to see me outside of this time then please feel free to email me to make an appointment. I can either meet you at the shop in Paddington or the studio in Woolloongabba.

bricks and mortar for chocolate brownie

I'm so excited to announce that Chocolate Brownie has its very first retail space. Located in Paddington (Queensland) this small but sexy space means I can have all my work out on display and is right there for you to touch and experience. If you're in Brisbane please drop by! You'll find me at 28 Latrobe Tce. Paddington. Look forward to seeing you there!

returning home

BIG NEWS... Chocolate Brownie has returned home, and is now located in Brisbane! You'll find me and my studio in a creative co-working space in Woolloongabba. Feel free to email me to make an appointment to visit me in my studio. See you soon!

the old stomping ground

I will be back in my old stomping ground of Brisbane on Thursday and Friday the 25th and 26th of June. I'll be working from the amazing creative space "Surroundings" in Woolloongabba... Drop me an email to organise a time to chat about your custom leather goods!


Mmmmmmmm coffee!

Now this was a very exciting project to be apart... revamping the original Slayer machine for St. Ali Coffee Roasters. How sexy did she turn out or what?! This was a collaboration with Specht Design... his handmade walnut panels and features, combined with my leather back panel has made one very fancy machine even more spectacularly beautiful. 

Slayer 0001 - laser etched leather panel by Chocolate Brownie, walnut panels and features by Specht Design

Slayer 0001 - laser etched leather panel by Chocolate Brownie, walnut panels and features by Specht Design

6 weeks until Christmas

If you're anything like me Christmas still feels forever away... but the reality is that it's only 6 weeks away! So I don't know about you but I'm needing to seriously start planning ahead :) I'll be taking custom orders up until December 1 at the absolute latest, and standard orders until December 6. Due to how crazy busy things are already, I am going to have to be a meanie and say no exceptions to these dates.


Chocolate Brownie is heading to Adelaide for the first time for the Bowerbird Bazaar... check out the details here http://bowerbirdbazaar.com.au... Come say hi Radelaidians!

big weekend ahead!

This weekend you'll find Chocolate Brownie in two places at once! How?! Well, thanks to my bestie, Rebekah, you'll find the Chocolate Brownie collection at The Melbourne Design Market in Federation Square car park on Sunday. And you'll find me at the Brisbane Finders Keepers at the Old Museum in Hurston on Saturday and Sunday. Drop on by! It's Bekah's first time representing CB, so show her some extra loveliness so she'll want to keep lending me a helping hand :p

traditional craft meets modern technology

Super exciting times! Last week I got my very own and very fancy laser cutter. This has been made possible from all the amazing people who have supported my two Kickstarter campaigns this year, and from the awesome support from Trotec (the laser cutter manufacturer)... not to mention my extreme determination :)

Having my own laser cutter will allow me to not only prototype and produce products much faster and with greater precision, it will also allow for me to diversify into other materials and products beyond leather and leather goods. And did I mention customisation?! This machine will make it possible for me customise your pieces with your name, your logo, your favourite quote, your favourite pattern... the possibilities are crazy!

Etsy Design Awards

Such an exciting day for so many reasons! But one of those reasons in particular is that today I was announced as a finalist in the Etsy Design Awards. I have a chance to be off to Brooklyn to visit Etsy head office! I'd love it if you could help me out here by following this link (http://etsydesignawards.com/nominees/fashion-and-accessories/eleisha-nyland) and voting for me and my work... Thank you in advance, you're awesome!

Stay tuned for the other reasons why today has been so exciting! :)

Kickstarter campaign - quest for a laser cutter

I'm super excited to be running a new Kickstarter campaign! On offer this time around is my brand new collection. But what this project is about is purchasing a laser cutter for Chocolate Brownie. I have found the machine, I have paid the deposit, and now I am trying to secure the rest of the finances. The finance company I am in conversation with have said that if I am able to contribute some more funds to the machine they will come to the party and provide me with the financing to purchase it. So this project's goal is getting those few extra dollars.

A laser cutter is my dream machine... It will speed up the production of my leather goods more than triple. It will enable me to customise your pieces... whether it be your initials on your wallet or your favourite quote on your bag or your logo on your journal cover, this machine will mean I can make your piece uniquely yours. Not only will this machine cut and engrave leather, it will also cut and engrave timber, acrylic, paper, cardboard, felt, and cork just to name a few. So this means my creativity can go wild and I can expand Chocolate Brownie to so much more than leather goods.

I would love for your support on this quest by helping spread the word or by pledging and scoring yourself a piece from the new collection (here's a link to the site http://kck.st/1tRXyJ7)

Thank you!

New collection launch

Today is the day! Today I am launching my new soft leather range of bags. Made from beautiful New Zealand waxed leather, these pieces are seriously swanky. Designed with practicality and functionality in mind, these new bags boast clean and classy design.

The Backpack Satchel

The Backpack Satchel

The Tote Bag

The Tote Bag

The Duffle Bag

The Duffle Bag

The Briefcase Satchel

The Briefcase Satchel

new pieces available for a limited time

Often for markets I'll make a bunch of one-off or limited edition pieces and keep them for such events... however this time I thought I'd take some snaps of them and make them available on my website too. They'll be up on the shop until August 8. See if there's anything that catches your eye and heart.


Melbourne Finders Keepers

What are all you Melbourne peeps up to this weekend?! I'll be at The Finders Keepers at the Royal Exhibition Centre. Drop in to say hi and check out all the lovely new pieces.... have you seen my new camphor and leather serving boards yet?! The novelty about heading out to it tonight is that there's wine and beer on offer whilst you shop! :p

what are you doing on July 20?

Visiting the Melbourne Design Market I hope! From 10am until 5pm you can find Chocolate Brownie and bunch of other fantastic designer/makers in the Federation Square car park. I'll have some limited edition tote bags there for you to fall in love with, as well as I'll be launching some brand new homeware pieces... exciting! It's the market's 10th birthday too so fun times will be had all round!

fancy some chocolate brownie?

Are you the owner of a beautifully swanky retail outlet? Do you think your customer's will fall in love with Chocolate Brownie's exquisitely handcrafted leather goods? Then contact me via mail@chocolatebrownie.com.au for further details.

Bali here we come!

It's holiday time folks! From June 12th until June 24th I will be away in Bali enjoying some much needed fun and relaxation. Check out @chocolate_brownie_leather on instagram to see the highlights of my holiday fun. I can't wait to explore the craft markets and villages in Ubud, meet the monkeys, and eat so much delicious food!

See you when I get back! July has much excitement in store with design markets in both Melbourne and Brisbane.

custom-made pieces for filter by small batch roasting co.

Recently I had the pleasure of working alongside Andrew Kelly and is team from Auction Rooms and Small Batch Roasting Co. to create some beautiful pieces for his new baby Filter. Filter is a cafe on 555 Collins St. in the city that specialises in filtered coffee. It's a beautifully sexy space, with divine coffee and delicious danish-style open sandwiches.

My mighty fine creations are the leather aprons, and the felt and cork coasters and carafe sleeves.