who and what is nylund

Designer/maker Eleisha Nylund started ‘nylund’ as a side project back in early 2012, however it quickly captured her creative passion and drive to become her primary body of work. A serendipitous collection of events pulled Eleisha away from her traditional medium of precious metals and gemstones as a jeweller, towards a material that is much warmer, and beautifully subtle... leather.

All of the pieces made by 'nylund' are designed to last. They are designed to become part of who you are, part of your story. They will see you through the good, the bad and the extraordinary, and bear the signs of a life with you. The leather will soften by your touch over time, and mold to your body, and your life. 'nylund' carefully selects materials and construction techniques to ensure your piece will grow and age gracefully alongside you.

'nylund' is driven by a passion for durable materials, traditional craftsmanship, contemporary design and a relationship between person and object. This passion is what makes 'nylund' pieces so exquisitely unique.

Eleisha Nylund